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Childbirth Education Class- WHY?

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

When people hear "childbirth education class," I'm sure some roll their eyes and picture a long, boring class with a huge group of people where you have to watch videos of childbirth and do awkward breathing exercises. To be honest, that was my personal experience with a childbirth class. We took ours through the hospital where I gave birth and it simply was not a great or personal experience whatsoever. I don't want to discount hospital childbirth education classes because I'm SURE there are some good quality ones out there... but... the one we attended was not. 

After going through that experience and now being a Doula, I have realized how incredibly important it is to take a childbirth education class. First of all, if you are thinking about skipping out on a class because maybe your partner doesn't feel like it or you just don't have the time.... make the time and make it a priority. When you are prepared for childbirth, you will be confident going into the delivery room. You will make decisions confidently so your birth plan will go off as best as possible. Your partner will be able to better support you because *hopefully* there won't be any surprises in the delivery room. 

It is also equally important to take a quality childbirth class. Do your research. Find the best childbirth class that will work for you and for your partner. Maybe you prefer a private session where it can be just you and your spouse in the comfort of your home. Maybe you'd prefer a small group where you feel comfortable asking questions. Maybe you need more visual supports during the class that will help you understand what's going on. Maybe you want a class that will specifically teach partners how they can provide support during labor. Find the best option that fits you and make it a priority

The more prepared you are, the more confident you will be. 

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