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How to stay stress free, calm & distracted during last weeks of Pregnancy

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

As women near the end go pregnancy and they are in the FINAL COUNTDOWN, it is even more challenging to remain calm and stress free from all the things that need to be accomplished. For me, I wanted to have my bags packed, the house clean, groceries stocked, all the baby clothes washed.... and the list goes on. 

I also know it's easier said than done when people tell us to "just sit down and rest." Inner monologue: I'm sorry what?! Have you seen my to do list? Do you know how much I have to do? This baby could come any day!

I'm going to include you in on a little thing that is mostly my opinion but I think the key to going into labor is being an environment that you are comfortable in but also being relaxed. Why do you think majority of women go into labor in their home.... at night.... Just food for thought!

So what are some practical things that can keep you busy but also help you to remain stress free & calm? Here is a list of some things that you can do but also might spark some new ideas that relate to yourself.

Get a pedicure

Go see a movie (with a friend, with your spouse/partner, or BY YOURSELF?!)

Get coffee with a friend (maybe someone you don't know very well or with a friend to talk about expectations/life after baby)

Spend time doing a hobby (an ACTUAL hobby- not just watching TV)

Date nights (go & do all the things you always say you want to do together!)

Binge watch a TV series (I personally was watching grey's anatomy both times I went to labor LOL)

Get a pregnancy massage (if you can financially do it!)

Cleaning (if that is something you enjoy and relaxes you)

Read a book Listen to a Podcast 

I think the key here in all of this is to find some things that you enjoy doing, and do them. Whether it is by yourself, with friends or your spouse/partner!

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