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I Don't Want to be Induced!

So many women out there who are nearing the end of their pregnancy simply don't want to be induced and wish to go "naturally" as much as possible. And the truth is, most of the time labors and births go much quicker and smoother if you aren't induced! However, it is also true that sometimes it is necessary to be induced if there is a something medical going on or if you are well overdue and your doctor recommends an induction date. If you follow me on Instagram (@thecolumbusdoula), you saw last week that I shared some things you can do to help naturally start labor & avoid being medically induced. Here is that list:

- Taking long walks (walk dat baby out! Stay moving.)

- SEX (Oxytocin is called the love hormone. Oxytocin IS what makes your uterus contract! Enough said.)

- Membrane sweep (ask your medical provider about this! It can be during a cervical check. If you DON'T want this done, be sure to communicate that to your medical provider)

- Acupressure (look up Youtube videos on different points of pressure that can help induce labor!)

- Acupuncture (find someone in your area who specializes in pregnancy)

However, no matter how many of these things you do, a medical induction might happen. My goal is for you to know your options, to be prepared for any of them & to not be scared. Below, I will list some medications & tools that medical providers use to induce labor.

- Cervidil- a type of medication that is inserted into the vagina next to the cervix by a healthcare professional. It is used to help soften the cervix.

- Cytotec- a medication that is inserted inside the vagina and dissolves. It is used to help soften the cervix.

- Balloon Catheter - a small plastic catheter that is positioned inside the cervix, inflated to perform the procedure and then it is deflated again to remove. It forces the cervix to open to 4 cm. (You can google Foley Bulb)

- Pitocin- administered through an IV; causes contractions to become longer, stronger and closer together.

In my personal experience, and depending on your medical provider, it is more likely for them to start with Cervidil, Cyotec or a balloon catheter before jumping straight to Pitocin. Once again, that is not guaranteed for all medical providers but I have found that to be true among women I have talked to and my personal experience.

My goal is for women to be informed & confident going into labor & birth!

If you have any further questions on induction or fears you have, I'd love to discuss!

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