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"I'm Just Going to Wing It"

In regards to knowing about labor/birth & postpartum, you would be surprised at how many times I hear "I'm just going to wing it" or "I don't WANT to know anything about it." Listen, I get it. Birth is terrifying. You have no idea how or when labor will start, you have no idea how an 8-10 lb baby is going to come out of such a tiny hole, and you don't want to hear about afterbirth and all the things that entails.

What if you stopped turning your head away from the things that are scary and hit them head on so you can prepare yourself (& your partner) to be in the best possible place emotionally and mentally for your baby.

Part of the reason why some mothers really struggle during postpartum is because their expectation doesn't line up with reality. They don't get a clear picture of what labor, birth, being in the hospital and postpartum looks like. This may be due to their own lack of interest in these topics or from a childbirth class that didn't truly prepare them. You can't predict what your postpartum experience will be like but don't you want to set yourself up for success as much as possible? Don't you want to be confident in knowing what you're doing so you heal & take care of your baby as your best self?

I want to be very clear and say that taking a childbirth education class does not mean you not struggle in postpartum or that you will won't suffer from depression. What the class WILL do, however, is educate you on ALL the things that could happen in postpartum so you will be equipped to handle any situation. Becoming educated, whether you want to or not, is a mature step as you enter into parenthood.

Whether it is in a hospital, googling, doing an online class, scheduling a class or attending a class with me, I just encourage you to set aside your anxiety and fears and allow yourself to become informed so you can be your best self as you welcome a baby into the world!

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