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Packing for the hospital: simplicity is key

Packing for the hospital was one of those things that I wanted to have done 30 days before my due date. It stressed me out because: 

1. I thought I was going to go into labor quickly and have no time to pack 

2. I didn't want to forget something! 

So if you are that person too, it's okay. I get it. One thing I want to emphasize is that your focus for packing your bag should be to think simple. And don't be overwhelmed if you haven't packed it yet- chances are, when you are in labor, you will have time to pack! 

The hospital will have pretty much everything the baby needs for his/her first couple days of life so you will just want to bring some fun outfits for pictures, hair bows or hats and make sure the carseat is installed. I also want to share some things with you that I found helpful to have at the hospital that most people to think about. Besides your basic toiletries & clothing items, consider taking the following items:

If you are planning to breastfeed:

-Nipple ointment

-Boppy/nursing pillow (I would take even if not breastfeeding- some photographers use it for pictures

-Disposable nursing pads 

For yourself:

-Socks or slippers (hospital floors.....)

-Travel size toiletries for you and your partner

-Robe (I didn't use a robe but I know some people like them!)

-Loose fitting/comfortable underwear (you will get the big ones but after about 24 hours, you might feel comfortable enough to wear your own)

-Comfy clothes/pajamas (Probably won't be out of the room until it's time to leave)

-A blanket or pillow you like for comfort

-Chargers (or even a speaker) for you and your partner 

For your baby:

-Swaddle blanket for pictures

-Hair bows or hats 

-Going home outfit

-Other cute pajamas or things you want :)


Here are some things that you DO NOT need to take with you as much as you think you need them:

-Breast pump (hospitals have them!)

-Hair dryer (Promise you won't want to spend time doing this)


-Diapers & wipes

-Formula & bottles

-Reading material 

-Bunch of snacks (from personal experience, I always wanted to pack snacks for my husband and for myself for after the birth but people constantly brought us food or my hubby went to the cafeteria and got us stuff!)

Happy Packing!


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