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Preparation for a Big Change

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

What would it look like if we spent more time preparing our hearts & minds then we did preparing the "stuff?" I'm 100% guilty of this & I have no shame because that is what our culture teaches us right? We have to have the cutest nursery, the trendiest baby clothes, be an expert on breastfeeding & make sure we know exactly how a contraction will feel when labor begins. 

What would it look like if we spent more time preparing our hearts & minds?

I think we would spend a little more time prioritizing one on one time with our spouse/partner. Maybe taking that trip you both have dreamt about instead of spending all your extra money on the extravagant crib. 

I think we would have conversations with our moms about motherhood & how it changed her as a person. Maybe even ask for advice to best navigate this "mom life." 

I think we would ask other moms our age about advice they have for new moms. Maybe treat them to coffee or a meal because they are raising kid(s) in this world/culture today & you recognize it's not an easy task. 

I think we would reflect upon the kind of mom we want to be & how we will be able to make our children proud of us. Maybe it's time to make the big decision: am I called to stay home or am I called to work full time? 

I think we would recognize and prepare to be flexible & to expect that our expectations will not go accordingly. Maybe talk to your spouse/partner about how you both will navigate these changes & tackle them as team with love & grace. 

As you are reading this list, you probably have thought of 7 more things that you maybe you should reflect upon. And that's okay. That's what I hope you can take away from this- to just stop, think, reflect about bringing a baby into the world that you are responsible for. 

You will forever be changed.

But it is up to you how you will prepare for it. 

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