Some of the best gifts in life are not material things.

What every new mom needs before knowing it is encouragement, nonjudgemental support, someone to ask questions to, a good nap, and someone to intuitively know what they need without asking.

This is where a Doula comes in.

Contact Rebecca Brown directly if you are interested in purchasing either of these packages for another individual. You will be provided with a gift certificate to give the new parents-to-be. 

*Payment arrangements are available

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The Columbus Doula will provide daytime Postpartum support for a total of 24 hours within the first 2 weeks of bringing baby home. The Columbus Doula will provide support and care as they transition to their new life with baby. The Columbus Doula has 3 priorities:

"First and foremost, I am there for her (the mother). I make sure she is healing okay, answer any questions she has, look for any signs of Posptartum depression. I'm kind of like a non-judgmental best friend who is there there for her.

 Secondly, I help care for the baby in whatever capacity they want- maybe basic breastfeeding support, discuss any eating or sleeping challenges they are facing, answer any questions about newborn care, or taking care of baby so they can take a nap or spend time with their other child.

Lastly, I then can do some basic household duties for them and baby: washing bottles &/or pump parts, doing a load of baby's laundry, picking up, organizing, etc."

-Rebecca Brown, The Columbus Doula

24 hours of care & support // $500 

*Payment arrangements available 

*24 hours is spread out over the course of 2 weeks time in 3 or 4 hour shifts



From the initial meeting until birth, The Columbus Doula will answer questions, encourage, educate and provide face-to-face labor support in the birth setting. This Ultimate Labor & Birth Package includes the following:

  • One FREE initial meeting

  • One Prenatal Visit
    (this is where birth plan & expectations are discussed)

  • Unlimited phone support

  • 12 Hours of face-to-face labor support
    (but not limited to)

  • One Postpartum Visit
    (within one week of baby's life)​

Labor & Birth Support Package // $500 ​

*Payment arrangements available 




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